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Read what our customers have to say about Wayne's Works.

We never imagined that the quality of work would of exceeded our expectations. You made sure that even the smallest details were built to our liking. We look forward to many happy years in our Wayne's Works home. Thank you!

- Tracey Marsala
Sunland, CA

We will never use another company for future construction projects. Wayne's Works operated with the utmost professionalism and understood our need to build a structure that would reflect our desires in a good light.

- Rick Eisenberg
Glendale, CA

We were not easy customers. In fact, we were downright demanding. But Wayne's Works stuck with us through the entire building process and always delivered as promised. We are thankful for the competent professionals at Wayne's Works!

- John and Linda Griffith
Shadow Hills, CA

Thanks you Wayne's Works! Our church needed to be built to ADA standards. You not only built our church to meet our specific needs, but you went the extra distance and built creative features that make every part of our church accessible to disabled individuals. We are deeply grateful to you and the remarkable people at Wayne's Works.

- Pastor Jon
Worship Center in Monterey Park, CA

Wayne's Works can't be beat. Not one penny was wasted during construction. Our home is solid and comfortable, and we are very happy. Thanks Wayne's Works!

- Jon and Flora Ichino
Pasadena, CA

Thank you Wayne! We could not have done it without your design abilities and your ability to provide the necessary equipment that was needed to complete this project.

- Grace Fogg Miranda of Keller Williams Media Center
Burbank, CA

Wayne's Works We here at Abbey Party Rents, want to say that you have come through on a number of different levels for us. It seems that whatever we ask you to do, you are able to do it very well. Thank you for all the temporary power hookups that we have needed, your steel rack system that Wayne's Works designed and built to hold all of our aluminum pipes, semi-trucks that you have driven for us on large projects, lighting design/installation and your availability to assist our company on multiple levels.

- Thomas Gifford of Abbey Party Rents
Burbank, CA

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